Policy Preparation & Review


Every workplace strives for clear, concise, and compliant workplace policies on harassment, discrimination, violence, and investigations. We can help get you there.

As your legislative requirements evolve, your policies have to keep pace. What makes a great policy?

  • It’s fully compliant with governing legislation
  • It meets the requirements of the your workplace
  • It facilitates effective workplace investigations
  • It’s simple, clear, and easy to understand
  • It builds confidence in your employees

One size doesn’t fit all. While “templates” and “sample policies” can be a good starting point for corporate policy, they shouldn’t end there. Let us help you customize your workplace harassment and violence policies to effectively combine existing practice, coordinate with other existing policies, and ensure compliance with legal obligations, including legislation and collective agreement language. At the same time, we’ll use our extensive workplace investigation experience to ensure that your policies respond to the minefield of potential investigation pitfalls before they become a problem in your workplace.

We regularly review existing workplace policies, assess whether there are any gaps, recommend changes, facilitate meetings and/or drafting sessions with stakeholders, draft amendments to existing policies, or provide drafts of new policies. We also partner with the workplace stakeholders to ensure effective communication of policy changes throughout the organization.

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