Workplace Assessments


A workplace assessment is the most effective response to workplace conflict when a series of wider concerns or issues involving a number of employees emerge. Unlike an investigation, an assessment doesn’t focus on blame or on findings of fact about particular incidents. It’s not designed to determine whether or not an individual has engaged in harassment or bullying. Instead, participants are engaged in a positive and proactive exercise that provides organizational leaders with crucial information about how employees perceive their workplace, workplace issues, and workplace relationships.

We have broad experience conducting workplace assessments and can offer organizational roadmaps to improve workplace environments. Our assessment approach is tailored to the particular circumstances to ensure the process and rollout are efficient and effective.

Our assessment reports are strategic and thorough. We ensure that the voices of employees are clearly heard by identifying common emergent themes of concerns. When necessary, we highlight high-risk, volatile situations. We also collect and share the positives so that good work can be acknowledged. Our recommendations help organizations move forward in a positive way that builds internal confidence and improves the workplace climate.

Let us help you determine whether a workplace assessment is right for your organization.

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